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Chlorination is the addition of chlorine to a water system to help ensure a clean water supply.
It is a relatively cheap and effective way of maintaining a system free of pathogenic organisms which can endanger health. The chlorine is added to the system which then travels throughout the tank and pipe work to clean the entire supply.
Following a new water system installation, a thorough clean should be carried out to maintain water hygiene. In addition, following major additions or alterations to an existing supply chlorination is a safe and proven way to ensure a safe supply in your hot or cold water system.
Dormant supplies can be a life threatening hazard where bacteria such as Legionella can easily contaminate a system. Any system which has not been used regularly can be susceptible to a build up of bacteria in the tanks and pipes. A similar issue can arise in systems where water service has been stopped but pipes are left in place. These ‘dead ends’ can also be breeding grounds for bacteria.
Our team are fully qualified and have years of experience in chlorinating hot and cold water systems. Each system is different so it is important that you work with a partner that can disinfect the supply, regardless of set up. We have a wealth of knowledge with regards to new mains supplies, ageing systems and water tanks. We take a methodical approach to ensure a safe and suitable water supply.

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