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Water System Sampling

Water sampling is the process of taking a sample of the water from your internal supply and analysing it for foreign bodies, contaminants and bacteria.
It is essential that water inside closed heating and cooling system is regularly analysed to ensure that the water remains free of corrosion, scale and microbiological fouling. Without regular checking and treatment, systems can become less energy efficient, perform poorly and result in the need for parts to be replaced sooner than would otherwise be required.
The British Standard (BS 8552) recommends that closed circuit heating and cooled systems are tested on a quarterly basis however in practice, there are various considerations including the age of your system, its size, how critical it is to your day-to-day operations and its history. Regardless of the frequency you decide on, regular maintenance will help avoid common issues such as:
  • Corrosion caused by low inhibitor levels
  • High bacteria levels
  • Corrosion caused by high pH levels
  • Bacteria leading to the degradation of glycol which can reduce the level of freeze protection required in chiller systems
  • Build-up of scale
  • Debris in the system leading to blockages and loss of efficiency
As with most systems, preventative maintenance on your heating and cooling systems is a cost-effective way to maintain a working system.

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