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Supply & Extract Ventilation Balancing

Buildings are increasingly insulated for environmental and cost effectiveness. This is good news for the environment but adequate ventilation is required for the occupants to ensure that they receive a steady flow of fresh, unpolluted air.
A balanced system will introduce fresh air into the building at the same rate that it exhausts stale air. A properly balanced system will not overload the building with fresh air nor exhaust too much, leaving a depressurised building.
Ensuring that your ventilation system is adequately balanced should be part of your building’s regular maintenance plan. As well as helping to identify any issues within the system it also helps to ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible.
Over time systems can become unbalanced for various reasons. These include normal wear and tear on components but also other factors such as extensions or alterations to the layout of the building.
As well as following major refurbishment projects, we also recommend that balancing is carried out after some regular maintenance routines such as duct cleaning as this will also affect the air distribution system.

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