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Commissionability Studies

Our commissionability studies allow you to get a detailed report and full information on how straight forward or difficult your HVAC systems may be to commission, well in advance of final procurement and installation on site.
The results of the study can then be used by your project team to create or adapt a system which suits your needs and, provides the functionality and appropriate capacity for the building.
You may require a commissionability study after a team has been appointed to design your system. This can help to ensure all possible improvements have been implemented before the final design has been signed off. By bringing in an independent team, the risk of project overrun and waste are minimised.
A commissionability study is vital to ensuring that budget and functionality requirements are met before construction work begins.
The study will help avoid issues later on in your project which may otherwise only be detected at the testing and commissioning stage, at which point changes to the system cost significantly more.
In summary, a commissionability study is a reliable and cost effective way of identifying issues before a system is installed.

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