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Pre-commission Cleaning & Flushing

At Pureflow we offer pre-commissioning cleaning of pipework to ensure that your system is ready to use, is in accordance with the latest guidance from BSRIA and has the best possible chance of meeting its life-expectancy.
During the installation process, various bits of debris can build up in the pipework. This can include grease, oil, dust, rust and scale. All of these can potentially cause damage to the newly installed system and so it is vital that a thorough and exhaustive clean is taken out so that additional cost is not incurred.
Many systems include small bore control or regulating valves. The size of these mean that that can easily become blocked by debris causing them to stop working. This can cause strain on other parts of the system, leading to higher energy bills as the system fights to maintain the appropriate temperature in all parts of your building. A pre-commission clean can prevent these issues in your new system.
As well as removing debris from your system, we use specialist treatments to help reduce the chance of the build-up of deposits in the future. Whilst we recommend regular system maintenance, these treatments can mitigate the impact of any contaminates that do manage to get into the system between maintenance visits.
Upon completion of the pre-commission clean, we will take samples of the water so that we can demonstrate the cleanliness of entire system, all in line with the BSRIA recommendations so crucial to the industry.

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