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Our Services

As professional HVAC commissioning and validation experts, we cover plant proving, pre-commission cleaning, environmental testing, and specialised COVID-19 ventilation solutions. From rigorous system validation to meticulous water sampling and troubleshooting, count on us for ensuring efficient, balanced, and optimised heating, cooling, and ventilation systems for your buildings.

Validation Services

We carry out surveys on all types of Building Services systems.

Supply & Extract Ventilation Balancing

Balancing supply & extract ventilation for maximum efficiency.

Heating & Chilled Water System Balancing

Balancing heating & chilled water systems for optimal performance.


Using effective methods, we ensure system purity with Chlorination services.

Pre-Commission Cleaning & Flushing

Ensuring peak performance in Pre-Commission Cleaning & Flushing.

Water System Sampling

Anaylsis and preventative maintenance on your HVAC systems.

Plant Proving

Using advanced methods, we ensure your systems are in great condition with our Plant Proving service.

Trouble Shooting & Problem Solving

Expert troubleshooting for effective problem-solving.

Environmental Testing

We provide a full range of tools and techniques to identify any issues.

Commissionability Studies

Detailed reports and full information on your HVAC systems.

Covid-19 Ventilation within buildings

COVID-19 ventilation within buildings for safer environments.

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